You missed the hoarding conference?

Bummer, ’cause it was fabulous!

FIRST, you missed meeting our generous sponsors.

SECOND, you missed networking with professionals who are passionate about helping people impacted by hoarding.

LAST, you missed our fantastic speakers!

Here’s a quick recap:

Our day started with Chief Investigator, Adam Reynolds from the Houston SPCA. He spoke about animal hoarding. Such a tough subject, yet presented professionally and compassionately.

Next, Cory Chalmers, owner of Steri-Clean and from the A&E show “Hoarders”, spoke about Why People Hoard and the Types of Hoarding Behaviors. Attendees listened intently as he talked about the different ways that hoarding presents and the myriad of reasons behind their behaviors.

After a delicious lunch and networking break, Ann Zanon, Certified Professional Organizer, spoke about our need to protect and support the innocents in hoarding situations. Children, spouses, animals, and neighbors are all victims in hoarding situations and what we can do to advocate for them.

Cory took the stage again to speak about potential Dangers In Hoarding Situations sharing stories about hoarding fires, building violations and more. His final talk about How To Make The Most Progress with Hoarders was informative and gave some great actionable tips.

Our final speaker, Holly Davies, from Willow Meadows CERT team presented information on how CERT teams can help people with hoarding behavior in our neighborhoods. Her volunteer efforts to help our city are so admirable!

Check out our generous sponsors!

For more information on hoarding in Houston, please reach out to us. If you are interested in serving on our task force, please reach out to us. Watch for information about how you can get involved. We’d love your input for next year’s conference!

We are available for speaking, educating, hoarding remediation and more!