Starting an organizing business takes more than just having the “organizing gene” or a knack for making spaces look pretty.  Ann is a successful entrepreneur who has embraced the “American Dream” of being an entrepreneur.  She owned and operated a specialty cake bakery for over 10 years, did marketing for two small companies and has owned and operated her Professional Organizing business since 2011.

But her business model has been to follow her natural desires to help and serve the people for whom she works as well as taking advantage of educational opportunities afforded by organizations such as NAPO, ICD, BCPO, and various online and in-person classes.  She is available for business coaching for those starting out in the organizing business offering sound advice and suggestions for getting your business started the right way!  You can schedule a complimentary 15-minute exploratory call to see if coaching with Ann is right for you.  Just send a message through our contact form.

I had the opportunity to mentor and coach this new organizer on her first big garage project. Here are the “before” photos:

I designed the final layout of the storage area and selected the shelving to be used along with the appropriate matching bins that fit perfectly on the shelves. I also designed the rail system for the garage itself and we had to modify it on-site when we found out that the chairs needed to be hung as well. We emptied and sorted all boxes and bins and replaced them into the beautiful, new matching totes. My team and I taught the organizer how to properly sort and organize garage items into categories to make them easy for the client to find.  I brought my amazing label maker and made all of the matching labels (large for the category and smaller for a bit more detail of the contents).  I think the new organizer and her client were pleased with what we did and my team and I were able to help the organizer on-site with a large-scale project.