wine organizing

What do you think that a Professional Organizer does on her day off?  You guessed it…she organizes!

A week or so ago, I invited a few of my colleagues over for “happy hour” following a group project near our home. We had spent the entire day in the July heat, volunteering and organizing a home for a family nearby. I had some appetizers prepared, along with some cold beverages in a cooler and ready to serve.
One of my colleagues, a seasoned professional organizer (who’s home is undoubtedly super-organized!), requested a glass of red wine…specifically a Malbec, which I knew we had to have since it is one of my preferred wines. Well, I pulled out at least 12 bottles looking for a bottle of Malbec and I think she got a little frustrated and said, “Oh, a Cabernet would be just fine”. I continued pulling bottles out of the wine fridge but finally gave up and embarrassingly opened the Cabernet and poured her a glass.

Having seen my husband go through this same problem of finding specific wines, I decided to do what any passionate organizer would do…and today, I organized the wine!
I took some black cardstock, made some hang tags, wrote the wine varieties on each tag and …

VOILA!  Organized Wine!

And look!  I really did have some Malbec!

Happy to help.

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