Some clients may be experiencing transitions in their lives, some clients are busy with work, children’s activities and life transitions. Some have challenges that prevent them from being as organized as they wish to be. The challenges associated with ADD/ADHD, OCD, hoarding, illness, depression, physical disabilities, busy schedules, family obligations & other related issues can be dealt with. I will organize your space and assist you in simplifying your life!

Based on your needs and time, I will cater the process to you!

For each client,
we begin with a no-cost 20-minute telephone conversation. During this time, we discuss areas of concern, potential roadblocks, budget, priorities and goals for the project. We then will either schedule a date to begin the project or determine if there is a need for an on-site consultation.

Upon the start of the project,
I will ask for a quick tour of your space and we will roll up our sleeves and begin!

If you desire an on-site consultation,
the fee starts at $100 (plus mileage, if applicable).

If you prefer a DIY approach,
we can schedule a one-hour on-site consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss your concerns, take measurements, and notes. Within a couple of days, I will email a complete report with recommendations for putting systems in place on your own. The fee for an on-site consultation and report is $395 (plus mileage, if applicable). If you decide later to have us work on the project with or for you, we will put a portion of the consultation fee toward the hands-on project.

How much does a Professional Organizer Charge?
Well, that depends. Prices vary based on a variety of factors.

How long has the organizer been working in this field? What education and certificates have the organizer earned?  Has the organizer earned a peer-reviewed Certification? What is the market area of the project?  What project do you need to have done? Is the organizer a member of an educational or professional organization?  Is the organizer registered with the state and local authorities? Has the organizer passed a thorough background check? Does the organizer pay income taxes on their income? Does the organizer have liability and bonding insurance policies?

ALL of these questions should be asked of a potential organizer. The better the credentials, the more the organizer will charge. In most areas, and here in Houston, the rate for a Professional Organizer will vary from around $45 per hour for a brand new and inexperienced organizer to $175 for a Certified and well-educated organizer with 10+ years of experience.  Depending on the job at hand, my rates fall somewhere in the middle.  When I bring my team, rates vary based on their experience as well. So basically, you will pay around the same hourly rate for a qualified Professional Organizer as you might pay for an experienced plumber or electrician.  The best way to find out the cost of your organizing project is to set up a one-hour, on-site consultation. Yes, I will charge you $100 for my time.  When you select A2Z to work on your project, that consultation fee will be deducted from your first organizing session.